Fashion Hotels Around The World

Guestroom at Hotel Missoni Kuwait

What’s better than donning a fabulous getup by one of the world’s top fashion designers? Staying in a suite that’s outfitted by one of them, of course. As Giorgio Armani unveils his newest hotel in Milan this month, we are checking in on some of the hottest fashion-centric properties around the world:

Armani Hotel Milano. After making a big splash in Dubai, Giorgio Armani has struck gold yet again — this time in Italy. The brand new Armani Hotel, which just opened last week, proudly houses the largest guestrooms in all of Milan. Designed by Armani himself, the 95-room hotel is decked out in the designer’s trademark understated and chic aesthetic.

The Bulgari Resort. After the success of its Milan hotel, the legendary Bulgari label has carried over its signature of luxury to Bali. The Bulgari Resort is one of the most lavish in the world, emitting an air of exclusivity with its cliff-top, medieval fortress setting. London is the next stop for this stylish group, which plans to open a third hotel in 2012.

Hotel Missoni Kuwait. Known for its colorful threads and luxurious fabrics, it’s only natural that Missoni put its stamp on a hotel (think zigzag pillows and vibrant bathrobes). Its two locations (Kuwait and Edinburgh, Scotland) have enjoyed lots of success, and now three more hotels are in the works in Brazil, Turkey and Oman.

Maison Moschino.The risk-taking label’s latest project brings dreams and fairy tales to life in Milan. Maison Moschino’s 65 rooms are broken up into 16 design concepts — think “Life is a Bed of Roses” and “Little Red Riding Hood” — all of which embody the very reason why fashion hotels are so fabulous.

 Photos courtesy of Henri del Olmo; Massimo Listri; Martina Barberini; Ake E:son Lindman; The Bulgari Resort Bali; Armani Hotel Milano; Hotel Missoni Kuwait

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