Five Best Things to Order At Stonehill Tavern

Stonehill Tavern, tucked inside the Five Star St. Regis Monarch Beach, serves upscale takes on classic tavern fare — and there are plenty of delicious offerings on the menu. You might have a hard time choosing, so we’ve narrowed down the options for you. Here are the five best things to order at the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star restaurant helmed by Michael Mina:

1. Lobster pot pie. Sorry, chicken: You’ve been replaced. This signature Mina dish is made with a rich brandied lobster cream sauce and served tableside.

2. Red wine-braised beef short rib. The tender meat literally falls apart on your fork. Served with creamed spinach and Yukon gold potato purée, this dish is a beautiful color combination on your white plate.

3. Lobster fritters. A superior version of the corn dog, these fritters are stuffed with juicy chunks of lobster and bits of bacon and topped with a dollop of yuzu crème fraîche. No need to feel guilty about ordering this revamped childhood favorite at a fine dining establishment.

4. Tavern burger. Whether it’s piled high with black truffle cheese, watercress and oven-dried tomatoes or topped with white cheddar, shallot confit and a secret sauce, we don’t care. This burger is well done.

5. Chocolate soufflé. This rich and gooey dessert is one of the few mainstays on the ever-changing menu. Made with stout caramel and topped with salted chocolate ice cream, it’s the perfect way to end your meal at Stonehill Tavern.

 Photo courtesy of Stonehill Tavern


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