Five Things We Love About Meadowood Napa Valley

Tucked away on 250 acres, Four-Star Meadowood Napa Valley is one of our favorite spots in Wine Country. From the friendly staff to the country-chic suites, cottages and lodges, there’s little not to like about this wine-centric retreat. Here are five things that keep us coming back:

1. The location. The resort is nestled into a charming valley surrounded by mountains, and it’s just about as picturesque a scene as you’re likely to find. It’s also, of course, in the heart of California’s famed Wine Country, and right near chic boutiques and great outdoor activities. Still, the resort feels like a simple cabin in the woods, far from the madding crowd.

2. The restaurant. The resort’s restaurant (also called Meadowood Napa Valley) has been a favorite among foodies for years, but chef Christopher Kostow is young, hip and amazingly talented. If you want to see the future of American haute cuisine, drop by for dinner during your stay.

3. The cellar. It’s not surprising that a resort in California’s most storied wine-growing region would have an amazing collection of bottles, but Meadowood Napa Valley outdoes itself. Its master sommelier, Gilles de Chambure, is the only full-time wine expert at a Napa Valley resort or hotel, and his input and discerning palate have taken the selection at Meadowood Napa Valley far beyond many other Napa institutions.

4. The croquet. You can’t help but smile while watching (or joining in with) dignified people in their summer whites playing a game Americans traditionally associate with the most absurd scene in Alice in Wonderland.

5. The swans. Every resort seems to feel as though they need a big, splashy fountain or a couple of torturously landscaped waterfalls, but not Meadowood Napa Valley. Instead, there’s a serene lake with stunning white swans gliding past. Running water is great for covering up noise, but it’s far tonier to show guests that you don’t need to.

Photo courtesy of Meadowood Napa Valley

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