Friday Travel Photo: Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain, has a bit of everything for travelers: fantastic food, vistas of the Mediterranean and the Pyrenees, a mild climate, beaches and world-class museums. You don’t need to speak Catalan, the native language, to enjoy a stroll down La Rambla (the Barcelonan equivalent of the Champs Élysées) or to breathe in a panoramic view of the mountains, sea and city from atop Parc Güell. Above, we snapped a photo from the roof of Casa Milà, commonly known as La Pedrera or “The Quarry,” a private residence built by Modernist architect Antoní Gaudí. La Pedrera is now a UNESCO World Heritage site and open for tours, which include a trek to the roof. Gaudí’s work often included anthropomorphic elements, which you can see in the rooftop spires — and the dramatic shadows and clouds certainly didn’t hurt the photo op, either.

Photo courtesy of Ryan Craggs

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