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10 Honeymoon Havens For Couples To Experience

With so much time and energy invested into making sure the actual wedding day goes without a hitch, the honeymoon is sometimes given the secondary treatment or overlooked altogether. The places listed here are far from the same unimaginative sights many couples have relegated their romantic rendezvous to. In fact, these exciting destinations range from […]

Plan Your Next Relaxing Getaway

Ever daydream of getting away from the daily shuffle and finding that perfect place to relax? I sure do — I dream of it so much that I’ve been keeping track of some the places I’d like to visit during my next great escape. If I had just one wish for 2012, it would be to travel to one of the below magical destinations, breathe in the fresh air, listen to the ocean crash, explore and unwind.

Friday Travel Photo: Santorini, Greece

We made a pit stop at the charming Greek island of Santorini while cruising through the Mediterranean. Since our massive cruise boat was too big to pull up to the island, our crew parked in the middle of the sea and we hopped on a tiny speed boat that took us to the base of […]