The Five Best Things About Waldorf Astoria Chicago

There’s much to love about Waldorf Astoria Chicago. As an upscale Chicago hotel, the service, amenities and little details make every stay at here personal. The five things we love most about this hotel include:

1. The unique service. The service at Waldorf Astoria Chicago is different from most hotels. At Waldorf Astoria Chicago, all staff members do all things. You won’t see a traditional bellhop here; we often see the director of rooms out front greeting guests, but any other member of the staff can likely be seen pitching in to do the same. And when you settle into your room, don’t bother looking for a directory — there isn’t one. Simply press the single button on the phone to be connected to a staff member who can do practically anything for you, from arranging transportation to ordering room service.

2. The design. Waldorf Astoria Chicago is a stunner. The hotel’s exterior certainly catches your eye, with its old-fashioned motor court and beautiful ironwork. The building looks more like quintessential Paris than Chicago. Once inside, you’ll see the eye-catching sunburst chandelier inspired by Coco Chanel in the lobby, and the Christian Dior-inspired kick pleated drapes. The actual seating area looks more like someone’s fashionable apartment, with velvet couches, a cozy fireplace and art books stacked on tables. The nickel ribbon wall is a glamorous background to the enormous classical busts, while the wide ribbon pattern on the marble floors serves as a whimsical anchor. A soft black, white and gray color scheme is only interrupted by the occasional jolt of color — a crimson seat, a flash of green in the artwork. It’s one of the most exciting designs (hotel or otherwise) we’ve seen.

3. The food. The third thing we adore about this hotel is that you can eat and drink with delicious abandon. You can visit Balsan, Ria or order from the terrific in-room dining menu. Menus feature artisanal, local, organic ingredients that are painstakingly procured (the hotel grows its own tomatoes for the ketchup and other sauces). Everything from the tastings at Ria to the housemade potato chips at Bernard’s is a foodie treat.

4. The secluded entry. The private cobblestone entrance to Waldorf Astoria Chicago adds a level of intimacy to the hotel. Featuring an off-street roundabout with a lovely fountain in the middle, the hotel’s entrance was designed to shelter you from the rest of the world. Beneath the cobblestones is a special ice-melting system, so you never have to worry about slipping (although ladies do have to worry about getting their heels stuck).

5. The coziness. We love the intimate feel of the Waldorf Astoria Chicago. Whether you’re cozying up in front of the fireplace in your room in the dead of winter, looking out over the city from one of the balconies or imbibing in a dark corner at the handsome Bernard’s, Waldorf Astoria Chicago feels snug.

Photo courtesy of Hilton Worldwide

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