The Five Best Treatments At Kohler Waters Spa

Fresh off its new Five-Star ranking, Kohler Waters Spa is quickly becoming one of our go-to relaxation spots in the midwest. The treatments at the Wisconsin spa are standouts — indulgent, unusual and just all-around notable. Here’s our top five:

1. The Neat Feet pedicure. One of the spa’s signature treatments, this 50-minute restorative pedicure soothes and revitalizes troubled soles. It starts with a warming salt scrub exfoliation before warm stones set between the toes comfort distressed feet.

2. The 80-minute Complete Harmony Water Treatment. You won’t find this service anywhere else. Enter the spa’s dark and tranquil wet treatment room for a full-body hydrotherapy exfoliation under the six-headed Vichy shower bar, which was custom-made for the spa by the Kohler fixture company. The H2O wash down provides a hydrating body and face cleansing, exfoliation and, finally, moisturizing with a rich body butter.

3. The 80-minute Kohler Waters Facial Signature Treatment. While the focus is on freshening up the face with moisturizing masks, the treatment comes with a good dose of massage as well. The treatment starts with a back exfoliation and hydration, followed by a warm avocado hand mask and herbal mitts. Aromatherapy, a facial massage and a Chitosan mask follow for oxygenating, hydrating and soothing anti-aging effects. And then the massage kicks in — hands, arms and feet all get a tension-melting rubdown.

4. The 25-minute Signature Kohler Massage Treatments. These mini-treatments involve bodywork customized to address your specific problem areas or health needs. Another selling point of the abbreviated treatments is that they’re often easier to book than the 50- or 80-minute Kohler massages.

5. The Highland Fling. A 50-minute hydrotherapy treatment inspired by the spa’s sister property in St. Andrews, Scotland, this is another service that could only exist at Kohler Waters Spa. While having buckets of warm, coffee-and-chocolate scented water thrown over you might not sound entirely relaxing, most spa goers reportedly find this treatment incredibly invigorating. A soothing exfoliation is included, too, in the form of coffee granules mixed with mint oil. A chocolate body butter moisturizer is the icing on the cake.

Photo courtesy of Kohler Waters Spa

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