United Airlines to Launch the First Flight of Its Gas-Saving Dreamliner

United Airlines is scheduled to fly its first commercial flight of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner jet from its Houston hub to Chicago on Nov. 4. United is the first North American airline to add the Boeing jet to its fleet.

This aircraft is the first of five new Dreamliners that United expects to receive by the end of the year from Boeing. The airline plans for a total order of 50 by 2019. The 787 fleet will be based at United’s Houston hub and will service domestic routes beginning in November and international routes starting in early 2013.

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner is well suited for long-distance travel because it’s built with lightweight, composite materials, making it 20 percent more fuel-efficient. Plus it offers a 60 percent decrease in noise and a 20 percent dip in emissions compared to other planes in its class. The jet’s fuel efficiency will open the way for new non-stop United routes, such as Denver to Tokyo, which begins in spring 2013; Houston to Lagos, Nigeria, in January 2013; and Los Angeles to Shanghai in March 2013.

Aside from the eco perks, the Dreamliner features passenger comforts, including enhanced ventilation systems, larger windows that dim electronically, quieter cabins and more overhead storage. The jet seats 36 in United BusinessFirst, 70 in United Economy Plus and 113 in United Economy.

With United’s growing earth-friendly fleet, you can start purchasing tickets knowing that you’ve done at least a small part in making the friendly skies a little cleaner.

Photo Courtesy of United Airlines 

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