Water Logged: How To Stay Hydrated While You Travel

Vapur: $9.99, vapor.us

Staying hydrated while traveling is critical — especially since dehydration increases in-flight. Chalk it up to high altitudes and low humidity (there’s a reason the cabin feels so stuffy). This holiday season, cut dryness off at the pass by packing an empty water bottle in your carry-on. Once you’ve made it through security, fill it up at the nearest water fountain and down about a cup every hour throughout your flight. Here are our favorite travel-friendly water bottles, all BPA-free and easy to tote:

Vapur. It doesn’t get any more compact than this 18-ounce water bottle. It’s designed to stand when full and can be rolled up when empty, making it easy to fit in a purse, pocket or carry-on. The attached carabiner lets you hook it to your bag or belt loop; plus, it’s dishwasher safe and freezable, so you can keep beverages icy cold ($9.99, vapur.us).

Alex Bottle. Perfect for the tidy traveler, this dishwasher-safe, stainless steel, 20-ounce water bottle opens up in the middle, making cleaning it out a cinch. Besides water, you can easily pack oatmeal or a smoothie inside; and once you down the contents, it opens up from the middle for an easy rinse out. Our favorite perk? It can also be inverted to pack inside itself (the ultimate space saver) or you can hold it by its strap, which is made from recycled plastic water bottles ($25.95, alexbottle.com).

Klean Kanteen, insulated. This 16-ounce bottle is temperature controlled — your iced drinks stay chilled for more than 24 hours and your coffee steaming for up to six hours. If you crave a cup of joe while you’re waiting to board, this double-walled, vacuum-insulated bottle is perfect for holding your java. And it’s easy to toss in your bag with the leakproof cap ($29.95, kleankanteen.com).

Platypus, insulator. Sipping is a hands-free operation with this water reservoir, making it ideal for hikers and active travelers. The reservoir two-liter sleeve (which can easily slip inside a backpack) has a long insulated tube that can rest near your mouth, ready to hydrate when you need a quick drink. Since it’s insulated, the water will be cool; and with the bite valve, you don’t have to worry about any leakage ($54.95, Cascadedesigns.com).

Camelbak Groove.If you’re concerned about water quality while traveling, this 20-ounce, dishwasher-safe bottle has a filter (it lasts about three months) that’s built into the straw — it actually filters the water while you sip. It’s spill-proof too, and with the bite valve, no water can leak out until you go for a gulp ($25, Camelbak.com).

Photos courtesy of Vapur, Alex Bottle, Klean Kanteen, Platypus and Camelbak

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