What's New in Macau Now

The Tasting Room: Crown Towers, Cotai

Macau might be Hong Kong‘s neighbor but remnants of its time as a Portuguese colony have left the city with a unique flavor, one that has both European and Chinese influences. As a former trading capital, Macau has been a haven for itinerant populations, leading gambling dens ti become as much a part of the local culture as the Catholic churches dotting the hillsides. By now, those old gambling dens have been replaced with mega casinos and high-end resorts, as the world’s buses developers have made their mark on the waterfront city.

But it’s not all casinos in Macau—the waterfront city has bustling city markets, world-class restaurants and high-end retailers along with the booming luxury resorts. Check out our picks for the hottest restaurants, hotels and entertainment venues opening on the peninsula this year on Forbes.com.

Photo courtesy of City Of Dreams

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